Pelvic floor therapy for women

Pelvic floor therapy combines muscle strengthening exercises with assessment and therapeutic technology to help you retrain your pelvic muscles and neural pathways and regain control. Most sessions last just 30 minutes.

Assessment: Many people don’t want to admit they have incontinence issues, even to their doctors, or recognize that they have an overactive bladder. But if you don’t address the problem, it isn’t going to get better. From your first session, Pelvic floor therapy assessment technology is used to evaluate the extent of pelvic floor weakness and the effectiveness of therapy in strengthening those muscles.

Pelvic floor therapy for women
As many as one in three women suffer from bladder leaks or a sudden urge to go, otherwise known as incontinence.
Our therapy treats:

  • Pelvic floor weakness following childbirth, which is a leading cause of incontinence
  • Damage due to athletic activities
  • Sexual dysfunction and vaginal pain
  • Bladder and fecal leaks due to aging or disability
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