Pelvic Floor Therapy

You’re In Control

You don’t have to live with leaks.
Say goodbye to bladder or bowel leaks, pelvic pain, pads and embarrassment. Say hello to a proven, natural approach to treating pelvic floor problems and incontinence (the medical term for those pesky leaks) – without the need for surgery or medication. Pelvic floor therapy from Ruch Clinic helps women of all ages regain pelvic strength in just six to eight sessions of therapy. Fully 95 percent of patients see lasting improvements.

Our specialty-trained nurses work with physicians and other caregivers to deliver a personalized treatment plan that can be completed in just six to eight weeks. Our services include assessment, therapy, and education to help you take control. Most insurance plans cover our clinical services.

Bladder leaks are nothing to sneeze at.
OK, so everybody has a little urine leakage now and then – maybe when you sneeze or cough or have a sudden urge to go. But if accidents or an overactive bladder are interrupting your life on a regular basis, it’s time to get help. Incontinence can lead to serious health issues. The good news is that you don’t have to live this way.

Our pelvic fitness program employs your body’s natural ability to heal with muscle retraining and neural stimulation, all under the guidance of a trained clinician.

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